The White Eagle Lodge
The White Eagle Lodge is a worldwide organisation, founded in 1936 by Grace (Minesta) and Ivan Cooke, based on a profound, yet gentle philosophy, a way of thought. Through White Eagle's teaching we are encouraged on a path of love, tolerance and service towards all life; a path of unfoldment commited to the development of inner peace, and the awareness of our eternal, spiritual nature. We learn how to heal ourselves and how to link into the healing work worldwide. The symbol of the Lodge is the six-pointed star, a symbol often used as a focus in meditation as we seek to open our heart and mind to the light, and to attune our mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Our organisation also teaches the science of Astrology and of Horoscope reading. For further information, visit and our StarLink website, Use this website to buy books, CDs, talking books and Gifts.

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About the Publishing Trust and Our Vision

The White Eagle Publishing Trust is part of a wider organisation founded in 1936 and known as ‘The White Eagle Lodge’. It now has three Temples and Star Centres in many parts of the world. The White Eagle teaching contained in the present-day White Eagle books was channelled through the mediumship of Grace Cooke, who passed on in 1979. However, ‘White Eagle’, who is a spokesperson for a group of illumined souls in the inner world known as the Star Brotherhood, continues to actively guide the organisation through its present day leadership.

The teaching sets out an easy to follow, practical philosophy for daily life which has proved that it really works and can change lives. It draws on the Ancient Wisdom contained in all the major religions of the world, and its keynotes are love, tolerance and service to all life. At the centre of the White Eagle Lodge there is now an unfolding Wisdom School which offers all who wish to follow the White Eagle spiritual path an opportunity to both experience and learn more of the heavenly mysteries, including working in close co-operation with the angelic kingdoms for the healing of our planet.

The White Eagle Publishing Trust Strategy includes this vision:

a) To make White Eagle’s teaching as widely available as possible worldwide in a manner which will make it easily accessible and relevant to the modern day reader/listener, and to different readerships. ‘In all our strategy, we are focusing first on our organisation’s service to people.’

b) To let White Eagle stand forth as a wise, venerated spiritual teacher for the modern day, with a practical philosophy for the 21st century, which brings together threads from all the world’s religions. This teaching is the foundation of the unfolding White Eagle School of Wisdom, which will be a living school of the Spirit.

c) The guiding principle behind any White Eagle Publication will be bringing the Wisdom of heaven, with truth, integrity and authenticity, down to earth. Each publication should be meeting a perceived need and, to the best of our ability, be like a ray from the Brotherhood above. This principle should take precedence over purely commercial pressure.